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Train with the best Personal Trainers in Antwerp. Our team can't wait to meet you. Every Personal Trainer has his or her own style and approach. Whatever your goal is, your future Personal Trainer* is ready for you!

*Prices, terms and conditions differ from coach to coach. Personal Training at Release is for members only.

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Hi, I’m Babette! I’m a coach and personal trainer, emphasis on the personal. I’m here to guide you throughout your journey towards the strongest version of yourself — in the most sustainable and healthy way possible. My approach? Pushing you outside your comfort zone while having lot’s of fun in the meantime! Weightlifting can be pretty intimidating in the beginning — trust me, I’ve been there — but I’m here to share my positive energy and motivate you to overcome all the (mental) barriers you might experience.

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Hi, I'm Leni. Let me guide you on your fitness journey and help you love yourself and working out. Training can be fun! I'll show you how to make it enjoyable, make small changes for a healthy lifestyle, and boost your confidence. For me, a healthy lifestyle encompasses your environment, mental well-being, and a balanced mix of rest and activities. My expertise lies in mental coaching, functional and strength training, and specifically, building a strong booty!

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Motivating and leading people towards a better lifestyle is what I do. I love to help people achieve their goals. A wide range of competitive sports experience and multiple certified courses ensure that I can take both beginning and advanced athletes to the next level.

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Hi, I’m Jonas. Enthusiastic, caring, and passionate about everything fitness and health related. Whether you’re new to the gym or already have some experience under your belt, I’d love to help you on your journey towards a better, healthier and happier you. By combining functional training with more traditional aspects of muscle building, I’ll support you all the way to reach your goals. With good vibes and a high fun factor, I will make you fall in love with the process, because that’s the easiest way to succeed. Reach out and let’s do this!

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Looking to learn self-defense and get incredibly fit? Traditional boxing is your ideal choice. Beginners and advanced boxers are welcome. With my expertise, experience, and contagious enthusiasm, you'll experience the workout of a lifetime! See you soon.

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Hey there! I'm Livinia, and I'm here to unleash your inner power. Let's embark on a fun and transformative fitness journey together. Whether you're focused on weight loss or strength training, we'll love ourselves every step of the way. Get ready for a life-changing investment. See you soon!

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Hi! I'm Toni, And I specialise in strength training and building muscle for women, men and all. I can take on a client who has zero experience in the gym and make them look like advanced lifters in no time. I also like training advanced lifters who want to take their journey a step further and learn more about how to train and build muscle. Looking forward to working together!

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I'm passionate about sports, especially crossfit. Being active is essential to me, and I want to inspire you to join in. As a certified Personal Trainer, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Let's get started! We begin with a screening to understand your story and expectations. My focus is on Functional Training, using bodyweight exercises and free weights to strengthen your muscles, improve balance, and coordination.

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Hello there! Are you ready to start your fitness journey? My name is Sarah, and I’m thrilled to be your personal trainer. I’m passionate about helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals while building long-lasting habits to improve overall wellbeing. Let’s work together to transform your body and mind and achieve the results you deserve! 

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Working out is the best therapy, an amazing stress relief and a hobby that never gets boring. Let’s get those happiness hormones running! Whether you want to lose weight, create a healthier lifestyl, state of mind or tone your body. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader the whole journey long and give you some though love whenever you need it. I specialize in training women and can help you out if you need 1-on-1 training, a personalized training scheme or some extra guidance during and after pregnancy. 

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Hey guys! I'm Donnie, and I'm passionate about sharing my fitness addiction with others. I excel in football, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and strength training, and I can assist you in these areas. Energy is key. With a positive mindset and self-belief, we can achieve greatness together. See you soon, Osu.

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Len D.

Embark on a fitness adventure at Release! My PT sessions are based on connection and interaction, engaging your body in a fun-filled workout. Strengthen, stabilize, and coordinate with thrilling cardio-driven exercises. No heavy lifting, just body weight and functional materials for amazing results. Your journey, your way, with pleasure-driven outcomes. Expect diverse, empowering sessions that unleash your potential in an out of the box way of training. Specialized guidance for runners and triathletes preparing for any endurance challenge. Get ready to release your inner athlete at our gym!

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Hey there! I'm Kirsten, also known as Kiki. I'm a Pharmacist turned fitness enthusiast, with 8 years of experience on my fitness journey. I started with strength training and boxing, and eventually found my passion for crossfit. As a Personal Trainer, my focus is on three key elements: Balance, Client-centered approach, and Happiness. Client-centered approach: You're in control. Share your goals and training preferences (crossfit, non-crossfit, anything!) and I'll create a personalized plan to guide you. Unsure? No worries, our intake process will determine what suits you best! Let's boost those Happy Hormones in your body! Let's get started on your journey to a happier you!

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Hi! I'm Loewi, and my goal is to empower women through strength training. Let's shift the focus from cardio and fat loss to becoming stronger. Weight training can truly transform your life and boost your confidence, and I'd love to assist you on that journey. My workouts are science-based, ensuring effective exercises and real results. Whether you want to overcome gym intimidation or dive into an impactful training session, I've got you covered. See you soon!

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As a passionate personal trainer, I specialize in strength training and body investment, unlocking remarkable physical and mental achievements. With personalized programs tailored to individual needs, I provide progressive workouts for success. My exceptional communication and motivation skills foster a positive and supportive training environment. I educate on form, technique, injury prevention, and emphasize the role of nutrition. Beyond physicality, my true calling is empowering clients to conquer all aspects of life. Continuously staying up-to-date with industry trends and research, join me on a transformative journey to unleash your full potential.

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'Happy mind, happy body, happy life' is my motto. I’m here to help you: to make you stronger physically and mentally, but also to put that smile on your face. Because exercising is supposed to be fun. You can expect a combination of functional, strength and mobility training. The sessions are adapted to your goals, level and how you’re feeling on the day of training. Get ready for an energy boost, a good dose of self-motivation, self-confidence and the know-how to perform exercises correctly and thus avoid injuries.

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